Jiří Dolejš Security Systems



These stories are shortened versions of real cases. For privacy reasons, names of the persons have been changed. Similarities may be purely coincidental. 


Mr. Jakub is an owner of several jewelry stores in Prague and Brno. He has been robbed repeatedly during the last six months. the total damage exceeding five milion czk. He was recommended JDSS Security Systems by his colleague, goldsmith Jan. He was advised to seek their help, as the company could possibly solve his issue.

Jiří Dolejš evaluated the state of security in all of the customer‘s jewelry stores and advised him to change the entire security system. The innovation in the area of security was a welcomed improvement. Mr. Jakub was pleasantly surprised by the bonus provided by the insurance company and low cost of JDSS Security Systems services. Ever since the amendments in security of his establishments were adopted, Mr. Jakub has registered no adverse event.  


Mr. Richard has restituted a relatively large castle in southern Bohemia. Because the building was furnished with costly internal facilities, Mr. Richard was contemplating security against burglary and fire. He learnt about a company that specializes in the protection of such and similar objects. Therefore, he contacted the JDSS Security Systems and made an appointment with Jiří Dolejš to test the security of the aforementioned castle.

Jiří Dolejš has performed a security test and subsequent security assessment of the castle and of the adjacent park. Based on the assessment results he suggested Mr. Richard an optimal way to protect the premises. Ever since then, Mr. Richard knows that his property is well-protected and can sleep in peace. 


Ms. Simona is a successful fashion designer and owner of a thriving clothing company. However, during last year a few of her ideas for new models of formal dresses and several other pieces of clothing for the upcoming season had been stolen. Her friend Michaela informed her about a security consultant, who, as she heard, has managed to resolve cases similar to hers. And so, Simona contacted Jiří Dolejš and asked for his cooperation. 

Jiří Dolejš conducted an internal inspection of Mrs. Simona’s company, prepared a methodology for physical security and a directive to protect internal information. As a bonus, he offered to prepare an update of safety policy rules. Since the adoption of new safety standards for the company, Mrs. Simona hasn’t experienced any unpleasant incident and for a relatively low financial cost of security, Mrs. Simona can continue to pursue her creative work.